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Role DPS, Tank
Equipement Launcher
Armure Heavy Armor
Ressources de compétences Volatility
Caractéristiques principales Finesse (DPS)
Technology (Tank)
Races disponibles
Humansm.png Humain Cassiansm.png Cassien
Granoksm.png Granok Draken1.png Draken
Aurin1.png Aurin Mecharism.png Mechari
Mordeshsm.png Mordesh Chuasm.png Chua
I don't get it...Where I come from, pencil-neck's a huge compliment! Besides which, pulling my lung out through my nostril seems a little excessive from a punitive standpoint. Or is it just me?

Ish'amel the Bloodied

The Engineer is a class capable of filling the DPS or Tank role. Their primary attack is a rocket launcher, which builds Volatility to use other abilities. Engineers build bots of various uses, such a repair and artillery. No engineer is complete without their very own Exo-Suit, protecting them from death and destruction, guaranteed.


Since the dawn of civilization, those with a flair for repair have been cruelly abused by the mechanically disinclined. Swindled and verbally abused, their generous labors were more often rewarded with derision and disrespect than formal currency.

But then mechanic Adler Zolpwald was famously stiffed for his gasket lubrication fee by Darkspur Cartel boss Ando "Half-Brain" Mookle, who then firebombed his garage, encased his feet in cement, and had his thug-bots toss him in the river. Fortunately for Zolpwald and the future of engineering, Mookle was a simpleton and the river he had chosen was only ankle-deep, and the cement rubber.

From the smoldering ashes of his livelihood, Zolpwald hammered together the first ever Bruiser-Bot Mk I out of barber poles, skeletons, and a waffle-iron. Confronting Mookle and his gang in a local precious glassware shop, he delivered a now forgotten speech on the merits of justice. The resultant carnage served as a rallying flag for rivet enthusiasts everywhere.

Within centuries every garage in the galaxy resounded with the righteous clatter of servitor construction. Virtually overnight, innovations like indestructible Exo-Suits and missile launchers went from unnecessary to science fact. Despite humble beginnings, Engineers have evolved into the pre-eminent destructive AND constructive force in the galaxy. Hardly ever before has the concept of welding inspired such dread.[1]

Primary attributes

Icon Attribute For every point you receive
Brutality.png Brutality +0.25 Strikethrough Rating
+0.50 Critical Severity Rating
Finesse.png Finesse +0.37 Assault Power
Moxie.png Moxie +0.50 Critical Chance Rating
+0.50 Critical Severity Rating
Tech.png Tech +0.37 Support Power
Insight.png Insight +0.50 Deflect Critical Hit Rating
+0.25 Deflect Rating
Grit.png Grit +14.00 Base Health


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  • DPS build
  • Tank build



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