A Little Friendly Carousal

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A Little Friendly Carousal
Location: The Gambler's Ruin
Part of: A Rude Awakening
Start: Brewmaster Greko
End: Avra Darkos
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Quest Progression
Previous: Have a Drink on Me
Next: The Widow's Web

A Little Friendly Carousal is an Exile quest. It is obtained on The Gambler's Ruin by speaking with Brewmaster Greko in the Rockin' Rowsdower.


Brewmaster Greko has heard about how you saved Sadie Brightland, and he suggests you make your way around the Rockin' Rowsdower and introduce yourself to some of the other Exile passengers. While you're at it, you can hand out drinks and make some new friends.


More info

Who are these friends of yours?
I'd start with Madeline and Vella. Oh, and that old lodestone, Durag! They're good people... thirsty, too!


You met a number of your fellow Exiles in the Rockin Rowsdower, but the last one, Avra Darkos, was probably the most unusual of them all.

Episode progression

  1. Cryo Crisis
  2. Medbay Mayhem
  3. Have a Drink on Me
  4. A Little Friendly Carousal