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A Marauder's Stash O' Salty Verse, Vol. XXX is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Algoroc.

Lore entry

Now hear of an Eeklu from Bleez,
Whose ship now speaks pure augment-ese.
The spindrive, he said,
Had grown a new head,
Complete with new neuroses.

There once were an oghra from Stortz,
With flubber jits made o' pure quartz.
When 'e bangs 'em together,
They make crazy weather,
And there's a blizzard whenever he glorts.

A randy ol' spacehand named Ditter,
Kept all the space ladies a-twitter.
He'd load up their cargo,
But romance embargo,
Because Ditter was still getting out of a really complicated relationship.

[The remaining pages are missing, but you've read enough to learn that the title is not entirely accurate.]


This journal can be found in Deadstar Ravine Near Lieutenant Pragg at (3053.66 -1002.77 -4283.93 -136.96).