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A Miner's Trophy
Location: Daggerclaw Pass (Algoroc)
Part of: Algoroc tasks
Type: Item Quest
Level: 8
Start: Icon itemmisc stone 0003.png [Chunk of Stalagmight]
End: Foreman Hammerworth
245 XP
5 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 33 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
376 Reputation with The Algoroc Accord
Choice of:
 •  UI srcr elctrcshck.png [Demonclaw Supertronic Protoshield]
 •  UI srcr elctrcshck.png [Pikefall Expeditionary Personal Shield]
 •  UI srcr elctrcshck.png [Shard of the Stalagmight]
 •  UI srcr elctrcshck.png [Tremor Disperser]
 •  UI srcr elctrcshck.png [Shelter of Tremor Ridge]

A Miner's Trophy is an Exile quest. It is obtained in Algoroc from Icon itemmisc stone 0003.png [Chunk of Stalagmight] which is dropped by Stalagmight in Daggerclaw Pass.


The town of Tremor Ridge will be pleased to hear that you eliminated a large beast that was threatening unwary travelers in the area. You should let Foreman Hammerworth in Tremor Ridge know about this.


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