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Disambig.png This article is about the Auroria journal entry. For the Galeras journal entry, see A Popular Culture Periodical (Galeras).

A Popular Culture Periodical is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Auroria.

Lore entry

Faces of the Fringe - Exiles Edition
Vol. 72 - Issue 02


BELLE WALKER IS WALKIN' IN ALGOROC! But what's "renegade" Belle bug up this time? Reports are spotty, but we hear she's met a tall, dark, handsome fellow in an Eldan Exo-Lab east of Algoroc - but it ain't no love at first sight! This big boy's none other than an Eldan Administrator, and if he breaks free, he'll kill us all. Watch this space for more news. For holo-stills of this mighty killing machine in action, see page 033!

DEADEYE DOWN! On a more sombre note, everyone's talking about the tragedy in the Northern Wilds, where the Dominion shot down a passenger shuttle that stranded a band of Exile settlers in the frigid wilderness. Survivors included Deadeye Brightland, the legendary gunslinger who'd recently turned things around, wed the love of his live, and decided to settle down on Nexus. They tragedy struck a second time when the Dominion fired on their escape craft, killing all on board - including Deadeye's bride, Sadie! Will Deadeye go bad? Turn to page 005 for our exclusive simulated interview and get out best guesses!

DUREK STONEBREAKER ROCKS! What's up in the war against the Dominion? Hot merc-on-Draken action on Galeras, that's what! Durek Stonebreaker, supreme commander of FCON, is taking the fight to the Dominion on his own terms, and he's not going to let anything or anyone stop him. Is the famed Granok warrior going too far? See out analysis on page 009!

[This rest of this periodical details other movers and shakers in popular galactic culture.]


This journal can be found in Ingo Krup's Camp behind Chemist Ingo at (-1540.85 -1251.00).