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Achievements are game goals that award points for completion and sometimes unique titles. There are player achievements and guild achievements.

The achievements log

Achievement log.png

The achievements log is located in the Codex and can be accessed by pressing the "L" key. The log displays a summary of all the categories of achievements and the player's progress in each. Sections on the side allow the player to access each category's achievements.


Category (Personal) # of achievements Category (Guild) # of achievements
Adventures 110 Adventures 5
Challenges 16 Challenges 3
Collection 10 Collection 1
Dungeons 109 Dungeons 4
Exploration 63 Exploration 1
General 15 General 21
Kill 204 Kill 160
Paths 16 Paths 1
Public Event 11 Public Event 1
PVP 165 PVP 1
Quest 132 Quest 5
Raids 80 Raids 19
Reputation 10 Reputation 3
Shiphand 16 Shiphand 1
Social 19 Social 11
World Story 2 World Story 1