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Imagine virtual simulations generated by a psychopathic Eldan AI, each with unique story elements, gameplay mechanics, and objectives. The environments might be simulated, but the phat loot is real!

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Unusual Mechanics[]

Combat mechanics, themes, and environments exclusive to each scenario enable players to familiarize themselves with gameplay principles and yield virtually limitless tactical combinations!


Tons of lore and gameplay variants ensure that no two sessions play alike! Tackling challenges on veteran mode allows you to reap even greater rewards and glory!

Player Choice[]

Steer the narrative to play out just the way you want! Explore unusual methods of achieving your goals and dramatically reshape the outcome with every decision you make!

List of Adventures[]

Adventure Minimum Level Entrance zone Notes
The Hycrest Insurrection 15 Galeras Exile only
Riot in the Void 15 Illium Dominion only
War of the Wilds 25 Whitevale
The Siege of Tempest Refuge 30 Whitevale
Crimelords of Whitevale 40 Wilderrun
The Malgrave Trail 45 Southern-Grimvault
Bay of Betrayal 50 Star-Comm Basin Veteran only