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Agent Lex
Agent Lex
Gender Male
Species Mechari
Affiliation Imperial Corps of Intelligence

Agent Lex (AKA the Lethality Efficiency Experiment) is the right-hand of Axis Pheydra and one of the ICI's top agents. Custom-designed to Pheydra's specifications, he specializes in the arts of espionage, diplomacy, and when required, assassination. To aid him in his work, Lex possesses a powerful holographic disguise unit built into his chassis that allows him to assume the appearance of anyone of anything he chooses. Considered the ultimate in efficiency and effectiveness, Lex is frequently deployed by Axis Pheydra into situations where failure is not an option.

Physical Description

Lex has been deliberately designed to resemble a factory standard male Mechari. This is to enable him to blend into any environment, even when not in disguise, and to attract very little attention. As a result he has no distinctive markings or additions. While sporting a factory-standard appearance, Lex's training and unorthodox programming made him a class apart from standard Mechari, however - and his holo-guise allows him to resemble almost any humanoid being should the need arise.


Agent Lex is the quintessential spy, with none of the human foibles that may cripple other agents. Although he has gained some notoriety among Dominion citizens, his generic Mechari appearance and ability to disguise himself hologrammatically have helped enhance his reputation in popular culture. Lex can be whatever is required for the situation -- charming and conciliatory when handling diplomatic situations, ruthless and savage when dispatching enemies. He takes orders from Axis Pheydra and no one else, though he often manipulates people and situations to make them think otherwise.