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This page contains all known alcoholic beverages in the WildStar universe.


Gnox Blue Ribbon

Get drunk cheap. Don't fill up on bread first, though.

Gnoxian Stout

A favourite among Granok, the classic beer from their homeworld, expertly brewed by trained Granok Brewmasters.

Grok's Private Reserve No. 7

A full-bodied ale brewed in Granok tradition. Numbers 1-6 withdrawn due to fatalities among non-Granok consumers.

Lopp Double-Hopped

Brewed by Lopp artisans with ingredients straight from their homeworld. A favourite among patrons who favour short scarves, absurdly tight denim pants, thick rimmed glasses, and asymmetrical haircuts, ever since GBR was adopted by the masses.


Made with exotic serums, rare elements, and authentic Grismaran spices, plus a practical alcohol content level of 0%, this beer is a favourite among Mordesh and no one else.

Midnight Stout

A fancy beer, for fancy drinkers. Favoured by female Highborn Cassians.

Old Squirglicker Brown Lager

The bartenders are pretty completely sure that the alcohol kills the microscopic parasites that can trigger squirg-zombie outbreaks.

Protostar Clone-Strength Malted Liquor Style Beverage with Flav-O-Rite

The worst selling beer at the Last Man Standing with very good reason. Protostar pays handsomely for them to keep it on the menu, but you will most likely get a GBR. (Grok has standards.)


Bingberry Wine

A favourite among Highborn Cassians, this wine is made of fermented Bingberries, a delicious, nutritious fruit usually found growing in Auroria.

Distilled Beverages


A "mean single malt" from the Krogg. Popular among Exile Judges, who have been known to kick back with a glass or seven. Served on the rocks--not ice, but literal rocks, Krogg are strange like that--or neat.

Nap Nap Juice

Illegally distilled from rocket fuel, usually by Chua pilots who wish to circumvent the laws against alcoholic beverages on board ships. As the name implies, those that cannot handle its punch are knocked fast asleep.

Pirate-Strength Rotgut Rum

Manufactured my Marauders. Extremely powerful. Drink at your own risk.


Slushbrew or just Slush is illegal pretty much everywhere, thanks to its addictive quality, sending even just a casual, first-time drinker spiraling into insanity and a whole host of other unpleasantness.

The Darkspur Cartel frequently finance their operations with this poison, most especially the Crowe Gang's patriarch, Old Pappy Crowe who happily slaps his name and a warning label on every bottle. (The warning label is for his own peace of mind. He really couldn't care what happens to you after you drink it.)

Mixed Drinks

Mixed drinks involve more than one beverage being combined; this list contains any that have at least one alcoholic component.

Arborian Mudslide

A desert-style cocktail designed by the Emperor's personal chef, to thank Mondo Zax for the subjugation of Arboria. Patriotic, Cozmotronic, and Highly Explosive!

Axis Fade-Out

A mind-numbing, memory-erasing brew created by Axis Pheydra herself! Not legal on Cassus.

Cozmo and Tronic

Recommended for Chua patrons only, as other species are not immune to the Bezgelorian poisons used in the fermentation of all Chua liquours.

Virgin versions available for Non-Chua.

Doon Surprise

Though it is actually named after the player, Corrigan Doon is probably the only person willing and/or able to down this concoction. It is made of tanning oil, Vigilant prayer wine, and Nap Nap Juice, boiled and blended together.

Old Korol

Served neat. Do not ask for ice, or you will be asked to leave.

Skeech Bleach

As the name implies, this drink contains a healthy amount of bleach, and is thus unsafe for most races to consume; Draken, on the other hand, consume it regularly and will often threaten bartenders not to go easy on the bleach. The other ingredients are presumed as mysterious and disgusting as the contents of a Skeech's stomach.

Zin and Tonic

Inspired by Lady Artemis Zin, a beverage for the discerningly adventurous aristocrat.