Algoroc Survivalist Expedition

Algoroc Survivalist Expedition
Location: Algoroc
Part of: Tradeskills tasks

Algoroc Survivalist Expedition is a survivalist tradeskill quest. It is obtained in Algoroc by speaking with Supervisor Arborgreen in Gallow.


Supervisor Arborgreen at the Tradeskill Hub in Gallow wants you to go on your first Survivalist mission. Grab a from Architect Kaspmara, and get to work harvesting UI Item Stick.png [Knotted Heartwood] from Algoroc Trees.


  • Talk to Architect Kaspmara in Gallow to get your
  • Equip the Novice's Laser Chainsaw
  • 0% Collect UI Item Stick.png [Knotted Heartwood] from Algoroc Trees, which can be found in wooded areas in Algoroc
  • Return to Architect Kaspamara in Gallow

More info

So I'll be cutting down trees?
Yep, but don't worry! We've discovered several varieties of fast-growing trees that offer excellent wood, easily gathered without harming the greater forest around them.

What else can I do as a Survivalist
Well, Survivalists are great hunters. When they take down a wild beast, they use every part of the animal, harvesting extra meat and unique leather.

Laser chainsaw?
Laser chainsaws are pretty great! Just equip one, and you'll take down trees with minimal mess. They're programmed with smart targeting: once you equip them, they will automatically enable when you go after a tree.

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