An Explorer's Delicacy

An Explorer's Delicacy
Location: Celestion
Part of: Celestion Tasks
68 Copper
106 XP
188 Protectors of Celestion Reputation
15 The Exiles Reputation

Quest Text

(spoken in male Aurin voice) Maps? Nah. I'd rather explore it myself.
(hovering text from Nooks Barkbiter) This forest is an Explorer's dream!
Click Response: An Explorer's Delicacy
Nooks Barkbiter: Fancy meeting another Exile up here! Care to catch your breath and share a taste of this delightful honeycomb? It's awesome!
Click Response: I guess I'll give it a taste.


Nooks Barkbiter can be found at coordinates 721, 1944, after a lot of jumping to get up the tree.

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