Apprentice Xenoarchaeology

Apprentice Xenoarchaeology
Craft a Fractionally Reclaimed Eldan Relic to learn how to make U-Heal Trauma Kits and Piezo Chronographs
Relevant Schematics:
Rune 0001.png  [Fractionally Reclaimed Eldan Relic]
Complete to Unlock:
[[{{#show:U-Heal Trauma Kit|?has image|link=none}}|36px|link=U-Heal Trauma Kit|U-Heal Trauma Kit]] [[{{#show:Piezo Chronograph|?has image|link=none}}|36px|link=Piezo Chronograph|Piezo Chronograph]]

Apprentice Xenoarchaeology is a tier 1 Apprentice Technologist tech tree achievement.


One Rune 0001.png  [Fractionally Reclaimed Eldan Relic] is required to be crafted in order to unlock the and Generic ring 01.png  [Piezo Chronograph] schematics.

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