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Duels too small-scale to scratch that havoc-wreaking itch? Humiliate and demoralize in bulk by annihilating the opposing faction in 2v2, 3v3. and 5v5 arena matches full of blood-soaked goodness!

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Arenas are rated PVP matches between formal teams. Matches can be 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5. While anyone can queue for Open (unrated) matches starting at character level 30, playing in competitive (Rated) Arena Seasons requires level 50. Generally teams are going to be made up of guildmates and friends, but there are always people looking for Arena teams, and one good place to look for others is on the Arena forum. You can be in one team of each team size, and each team size allows for some additional "slush" above the actual competing size—2v2 teams can have 3 members, 3v3 teams can have 5 members, and 5v5 teams can have 9 members.


Seasons offer arena teams the ability to jump into Rated matches against other teams of similar skill, climb the ranks, and receive rare rewards like mounts and titles.

Teams can improve and increase in rating throughout a Season, and earn and lose rating based on their wins and losses, although only 3v3 teams will earn rewards at the end of a Season. When a Season ends we'll identify each team's final position, determine eligible players based on minimum requirements (at least 25 matches played on the team), and then deliver rewards based on their team's placement. The very best teams in each region (top 5 teams) will receive unique weapons, mount, pet, and a title; the top 10% of teams will receive a unique mount, pet, and title; and the top 50% of teams will receive a unique pet and title.


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