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Ariov's GOOP GAQ is a Zone Lore journal entry in Celestion.

Lore Entry

Technologist Ariov reporting.

After locating this Eldan device - a "GOOP cannon," as it were - I have compiled a GAQ - Generally Asked Questions - to explain its workings. Of course, these are questions I, myself, asked when I found the device. I assume my like-minded peers would ask similar questions.

Without further ado...

What is GOOP?

GOOP is an Eldan acronym Gelatinous self-Organizing Omni-Plasm, a substance that carries microscopic nanites responsible for constructing the mechanical enhancements that are characteristic of all augmented creatures.

What does the GOOP cannon do?

The specific nanites in this weapon are programmed to analyze the physiological properties of the host and damage their vital systems.

How do the nanites affect mechanical beings?

Although their physiology is different, nanites use the vast collection of information gathered by the Eldan to identify the systems the host uses for operating. Regardless of being flesh and blood or tin and steel, nanites can bring their target to a halt.

How do I use the GOOP cannon?

Target the ground beneath your subject and fire. The GOOP explosion should hit any nearby creatures, at which point the nanites will invade their host and begin their operations.

What if I am accidentally exposed to GOOP?

Why... that's a good question, and one for which I do not have an answer. I assume the GOOP will reduce you to your component humours, but I have yet to test this theory. To be thorough, I suppose I should do just that.

(Technologist Ariov's GAQ ends here.)


This journal can be found at Exo-Site N22 in Celestion at coordinates (2781.42 -986.58 -1664.48 -92.12).