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Artemis Zin
Artemis Zin
Title <Lady Zin, Doctor Zin, "Little Miss" (Kevo only)>
Gender Female
Species Cassian

Lady Artemis Zin is a famous Dominion Explorer. The last scion of a highborn Cassian family, Artemis Zin has achieved meteoric acclaim and popularity as a result of her daring adventures that often take her into the most dangerous places in the galaxy. With the recent discovery of planet Nexus, Artemis is faced with perhaps her greatest and most challenging adventure - exploring the legendary homeworld of the Eldan, and discovering its invaluable treasures.[1]

Physical Description

Artemis Zin is a highborn Cassian human, and like many of her peers, she is extremely athletic. Her dark hair is cut short, and she wears a pair of stylish sunglasses over her blue eyes. She usually wears practical field outfits that do not sacrifice style for functionality (though her definition of “practical” doesn’t always align with that of her peers). Lady Zin is rarely seen without Kevo, her bodyguard - a hulking, one-horned, elder Draken warrior.[1]


Lady Artemis Zin is a Dominion explorer with galaxy-wide fame resulting from her many daring adventures. Brilliant, beautiful, and armed with a withering wit, Artemis breaks all of the rules while pursuing fame, adventure, and glory. For her, it is little more than a game—one she plays with style.

Blessed with intelligence, staggering wealth, and exceptional physical stamina, Artemis has a narcissistic streak a mile wide. She has complete confidence in herself and her abilities, and makes sure that everyone around her knows it. When focused on a goal she is absolutely relentless in achieving it, and considers failure or defeat as completely unacceptable to someone of her standing.

Her narcissism has also resulted in her obsession with being in the public eye, and she basks in the attention of the greater galactic community. For Artemis, the spectacle of the adventure is almost as important as the adventure itself, and she never misses a chance to broadcast her adventures to her adoring fans.[1]


Artemis Zin was born into an extremely old and powerful highborn family that had served House Azrion since the time of the Ancestral Decree. A spirited child, she and her twin brother Helius grew up without their father, Lord Astor Zin, who had been the unfortunate victim of political machinations between the Great Luminai Houses. Because of the long-standing loyalty of the Zin family, House Azrion made sure that Lady Athenia Zin and her two young children were taken care of for the rest of their lives, giving them access to wealth and resources almost beyond comprehension.

Left with only her mother to raise her and her twin brother to confide in, Artemis became a rebel at a very young age. Although extremely intelligent, she was expelled from a number of schools due to insubordination and lack of performance. Prone to engage in dramatic public displays of disobedience, she eventually ran afoul of the authorities when she stole the personal starship of a highborn noble, all while broadcasting the event live on the most popular Cassian vidfeed. She only escaped long-term incarceration due to direct (and secret) intervention by the emperor himself, including a warning that such leniency was only granted due to her father's service and sacrifice. Such a boon would never be granted again.

Athenia Zin understood that she would have to take a different approach with her daughter. Rather than try and stop her from engaging in these escapades, she assigned someone loyal to manage young Artemis's adventures—a trusted, long-serving Draken house master-at-arms named Kevo. Instead of smothering her fiery spirit, Kevo redirected it toward new and exciting challenges that only someone with her wealth and resources could possibly overcome. Under his tutelage and watchful eye, Artemis blossomed, throwing herself into her studies and training with an extraordinary intensity. Though he was no replacement for the deceased Lord Astor Zin, Kevo became a father figure for young Artemis, serving as her guardian, combat trainer, and traveling companion as she grew into womanhood.

Kevo and Artemis spent the next decade on a series of adventures across Dominion space, as well as the uncharted sectors beyond the Fringe. By her fifteenth birthday, the young explorer had charted more than a dozen uninhabited Fringe worlds despite the danger of bloodthirsty Marauders. On her twentieth birthday she became the first offworlder to ascend to the peak of Mount Crucible on the Draken homeworld of Mikros, and by her twenty-second she had discovered and explored the ancient ruins of the starship Sojourner on the Cassian moon of Tolos. Each of these accomplishments was tightly choreographed and broadcast through direct cambot feed, and soon the young Lady Zin was the most famous celebrity in the galaxy.

While Artemis traveled the galaxy in search of fame and fortune, Athenia Zin began to suffer from a strange and acute malady. Though her son strove to care for her, the matriarch of the Zin family slowly wasted away. Helius attempted to reach Artemis with news of their mother’s affliction, but Athenia succumbed to her disease before Artemis could return. Though he had once been his twin sister’s most valued confidante, Helius had grown resentful of his sister during the long years of her absence. In the days following Athenia’s funeral, Helius renounced his claim to House Zin’s holdings and turned his back on Artemis. For her part, Artemis attempted to use her wealth in a vain attempt to locate her brother, and his whereabouts continue to be a mystery.

Because of her wealth, fame, and political connections, Artemis secured passage to Nexus aboard the arkship Destiny within hours of the journey’s announcement. The Eldan planet represents her greatest challenge, and she wants nothing more than to continue her explorations. She and Kevo have spent their time on Nexus searching for the Elder Cube. Although she has already made many wondrous discoveries, Artemis’s quest to find the ancient relic that holds the collected scientific knowledge of the Eldan has become a growing obsession.[1]


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