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10 sec cooldown
Range 15.0 m
Requires lvl 5
Deal 84 technology damage to 5 foes and build 1 Actuator.

Usable after landing a Multi-Hit.
Tier Upgrade:
+3 damage

Tier 4 Major Upgrade:
While Atomize is on cooldown, Multi-Hits reduce its cooldown by 0.5s.
Tier 8 Major Upgrade:
Deal an additional 4 technology damage every 1s for 3s.

Atomize is a Medic assault ability available at level 5.


  • WildStar: Reloaded (29 Sep 2015): Now triggers off of Multi-Hit.
  • Patch 06/02/2015 (2 Jun 2015): Tier 4: Can now be proc'd up to 5 times every 0.250s. (i.e. each beam of Gamma Rays has the potential to trigger the cooldown reduction)
    Tier 8: Damage increased to 7% Assault Power, from 6.15%. DoT duration decreased to 3s, from 4s. First tick of damage applies immediately.
    Fixed a bug that gave Atomize extra Armor Pierce.
    No longer triggers GCD (Previously 0.5s).
  • Invasion: Nexus (5 May 2015): T4 redesign: While Atomize is on cooldown, Critical Hits reduce its cooldown by 0.5s.
    T8 rebalance: DoT effect ticks every 1s for 4s, from every 2s for 6s. Damage reduced to 6.15% Assault Power, from 14.98% Assault Power.

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