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Scrappy, energetic, and passionate, the aurin are a race of forest dwellers that use their inherent ferocity, agilitiy and magical skill to protect their woodland homes. Driven from their planet by the Dominion, the Aurin joined with the races of the Exiles on their journey to Nexus, hoping to find a new home there, though not all have given up on finding a way to reclaim their homeworld. Using their understanding of the natural world and their skill with manipulating primal energies, the Aurin have proved valuable allies in the untamed wilderness of Nexus. With the recent arrival of the Dominion, the Aurin are prepared to bare tooth and claw to defend their new home and protect it from suffering the same fate as Arboria.

Physical Descripton

Aurin resemble pale, diminutive humans with characteristics more common to other mammalian predators, such as furry tails, claws, and large, unusually shaped ears. Both males and females are roughly similar in stature, and most wear their hair - which ranges in color from azure to deep purple - long.


Each Aurin matria chooses a number of consorts that aid her in leading the village. Matria choose their consorts with great deliberation and rely on them extensively. They almost always choose a good balance of males and females, using them as a barometer for how things are going in the community. They usually tend to choose individuals who are close to them, and who are also well respected in the larger community. It is not uncommon that matria are romantically involved with one (or more) of them- and sometimes bearing children from these unions.

The Weave

Aurin have a philosophical belief in what they call the Weave and see all life as bound within an intricate web of connections and energies. This belief ties heavily into their respect and preservation of the natural world. Many Aurin are fascinated by the manifestation of the Weave on Nexus, especially those that manifest through exotic flora and fauna - many, including the queen herself, are able to employ the energy of the Weave to visualize distant places or even teleport from one place to another. Aurin believe that when they die, their souls return to the Weave.


Watchers are Aurin that have been specifically chosen by the matria to roam the forest and keep watch over it. The role of a watcher is a sacred one in an Aurin village and carries with it a certain prestige. Watchers take an ancient vow - known as the Oath of the Protector - when they are chosen, presided over by the matria herself.

Watchers are nomadic. They leave the village for weeks at a time, living out in wilds as their ancestors did. If something is observed that is deemed harmful to the forest (for example, Murgh raiders chopping down trees for bulwarks), then the watcher either deals with the situation directly, or returns to the village to gather any necessary support.

Weave Portals

Some aurin who are practiced in primal power can summon portals into what they call "the weave," a metaphysical fabric made from the threads that connect all life forms to each other. The Aurin can then use these portals to reveal the ghostly primal echoes of those long dead, visualize the concentrations of primal energy in a given area, or even transport themselves to another place to which the Weave is connected - meaning almost anywhere life exists. Weave portals usually require some physical components steeped in primal energy , though some powerful Aurin practitioners an create them from thin air.

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Aurin society has always been strongly matriarchal, dating back to the days when Aurin were little more than feral forest creatures. The matria is considered the heart of any Aurin community, connected to each of the Aurin through the surrounding forest. Matrias are also able to influence the Weave through their link to the Wisdom Trees, which allows them to sense and sometimes influence the forest itself, including the creatures that live within it. However, the range of a matria is limited, unlike the Aurin queen who can commune with forests all across the planet.

All major decisions in the village are made by the matria, and most rituals - such as marriages, funerals, and religious rites - are performed by her as well. She is seen a mother to the Aurin who are under her protection and guidance. Matrias do not marry, although the have a number of male and female consorts with whom they are sometimes romantically involved.

When an Aurin matria dies, a new matria must be chosen from among the young females in the village. Often, but not always, the matria's female offspring is chosen (although not all female descendants of matria display abilities necessary to become one). There are a number of physical and spiritual tests that a female candidate must pass before becoming a matria.