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Avra "The Widow" Darkos
Avra "The Widow" Darkos
Gender Female
Species Mordesh
Affiliation The Black Hoods
Occupation Leader of the Black Hoods
Location Unknown
Status Alive

I have so much to do... and so few I can trust.

--Avra Darkos

Avra "The Widow" Darkos is the spymaster of the lethal Black Hoods, the covert intelligent, espionage, and assassination network that protects the Exiles from the Dominion's better-equipped Imperial Corps of Intelligence (ICI). Driven by a visceral hatred of the Dominion, the Mordesh spymistress, also know as the Widow, manages agents all over the planet via couriers, hirelings, and other operatives who use any means necessary to keep Exile secrets safe for enemy.


Before the Fall of Grismara, Avra Darkos was born into a luxurious, comfortable life of aristocracy, possibly the daughter of a powerful political figure. She was kind, and well-loved, and had happily married.

During the first outbreak of Ravenous, every single member of her family was killed, save for her husband. In an attempt to save what little was left of their civilization, he went to the Dominion for help but was shot before he could make a plea.

Traumatized by the loss of her family, the chaos in the streets, and being abandoned by the Dominion, she turned into the cold, unfeeling spy-mistress she is today. Her first order of business was arranging for evacuation with the Exile fleet, going so far as to obtain security codes to bypass the Grismaran Blockade. She was even responsible for preventing the death of Victor Lazarin via the angry mobs.

Physical description

Avra Darkos has been living with the Contagion for much of her life, and it has left her with typical Mordesh skin tone and bodily features. Having been affected at a much younger age that Mordesh like Victor Lazarin, however, she maintains a relative young appearance.

Her face is hidden by a mask; few to none have seen her without it. The secrecy is so great that a portrait of her has had its face ripped off to preserve her identity. (Why she does not use any form of voice modulation, or maintains such an iconic look, is never explained.)

Personality profile

Avra Darkos is called "The Widow" with good reason: she is cold, unfeeling, and manipulative, preferring to maintain a gigantic web of information and contacts to trap her enemies than eliminate them herself. The Black Hoods are at her every beck and call, willing to enact her will and accept whatever fate she deems appropriate for them.

Failing the Widow is not an option, as she will gladly execute or punish anyone who proves to be a liability more than an asset.