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Bandit Carver (Red)
Ground Mounts
Item Level: 15
Bind to account
Use: Unlock Bandit Carver (Red): Adds the Bandit Carver (Red) to your mount list.

Bandit Carver (Red) is a ground mount. It is available on all characters on a player's account in the account inventory.


Bandit Carver (Red) can be obtained in the mail as a reward for completing the Mordechai Returns episode.


Players recieve a mail from Ish'amel the Bloodied titled "Mordechai's Gift."

Avast, me hearties! I be mighty proud of you, so I'd like to offer you this gift as a token of me not-insignificant gratitude. I swears to you, I cam by this little gem honestly. As in, it not be stolen. Promise.
~ Ish'amel the Bloodied


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