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100 Focus
45 sec cooldown
Range 30.0 m
Requires lvl 14
Restore 128 shield plus 44 health every 2s to 3 allies in the targeted area for 10s.

Additionally, grants 1 Interrupt Armor for 3s.
Tier Upgrade:
+1 shield, +0 health per tick

Tier 4 Major Upgrade:
Grant 2 Interrupt Armor to allies below 70% health.
Tier 8 Major Upgrade:
Now always affects the caster in addition to allies in the targeted area.

Barrier is a Medic support ability available at level 14.


  • Patch 10/21/2015 (21 Oct 2015): Barrier's HoT component no longer triggers direct shield heal proc events.
  • WildStar: Reloaded (29 Sep 2015): Base Shield Heal reduced to 81.22% Support Power and 35.36 per level, from 90.55% and 39.43.
    Base HoT reduced to 27.61% Support Power and 12.01 per level, from 30.82% and 13.4.
    Shield Heal tier upgrade reduced to 2.61% Support Power, from 3.14%.
    HoT tier upgrade reduced to 0.9%. from 1.0%.
    Relative Focus Cost reduced by 27%.
  • Invasion: Nexus (5 May 2015): Fixed a bug where Barrier could potentially heal an additional target
  • The Protogames Initiative (3 Feb 2015): No longer functions as a GTAE. Instead this will fire off the Heal around the ally missing the most health in a line ahead of the Medic. The Medic can still be affected by the heal if they are within range.
    The line to detect allies is 5x30m.
    The AE Heal is now an 8m circle rather than a square.

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