Belle Walker

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Belinda 'Belle' Walker
Belinda 'Belle' Walker
Gender Female
Species Human
Level 60 Superior
Path Scientist
Affiliation Exile Academy of Science
Occupation Technologist, head of XAS
Location Gambler's Ruin, Algoroc, Galeras
Status Alive
Relative(s) Dorian Walker (father)
Companion(s) Rusty (scan-bot), Bolt (scan-bot)

Shootin' stars, darlin', I'm just makin' it up as I go! Seems to work well so far.

--Dr. Belle Walker

Dr. Belinda "Renegade Belle" Walker is the head and founder of the Exile Academy of Science (XAS). One of the Exiles' most brilliant technologists and leading scientists, but also one of the most dangerously irresponsible and reckless, her burning passion and unstoppable determination to discover all there is to learn about Nexus oftentimes leaves a gigantic, frequently lethal mess in her wake.

She is frequently found at Eldan archeological sites or working with Eldan technology, oftentimes reactivating it in the process of her studies. This can be a rather mixed blessing, as while working Eldan technology is worth more than inert ones, they are often trying to kill the scientists trying to study them.

Physical description

With thanks to her constant physical activity, Belle Walker is in fantastic shape. She appears to be in her mid-twenties, with blue eyes, Caucasian skin, and long, luxurious blonde hair.

Her outfit is made for practicality, composed of an orange shirt, goggles usually resting on the top of her head, one shoulder-pad, short-shorts, socks, and boots.


Belle is extremely driven and enthusiastic, preferring to dive headfirst into the thick of things without thinking too much of the consequences, much like her father, Dorian Walker. This tends to have extremely unpleasant consequences, such as the Annihilator Site 14 fiasco in Algoroc where she activated a gigantic Eldan Annihilator, the site's security systems, and had gotten a large part of the local wildlife and her scientists augmented.

She is kind and polite, frequently thanking the player for their services and complimenting them on a job well done.

Like most Human Exiles, she speaks with a Southern accent. As befitting her name, she has much the same language and mannerisms of a Southern Belle.


Belle has unparalleled skills with technology, being able to figure out how machinery works by tinkering with them. She is also capable of discerning patterns of logic and systems, letting her understand the functions of most every machine she comes across, though she usually can't figure out what it was for.


Dorian Walker

Belle and her father are extremely close, frequently shown cheering the other on and wishing each other luck on their next big adventure on Nexus. Despite the close emotional tie, there are some undercurrents that Belle's drive for discovery is also fueled by a distaste for being in her father's shadow for so long.

Her mother is dead, taken long ago by Spacer's Plague. Not much is known about her.

Rusty and Bolt

Belle's twin Scan-Bots. She is almost never seen without either of them, as they are her trusted assistants and second and third opinions on everything, respectively. They are both intelligent, capable of speech, and have directly opposing personalities to ensure the widest possible range of opinions.

Rusty is highly enthusiastic, idealistic, and infatuated with his master. He oftentimes heaps praise on Belle, and encourages everything she does. She notes that he even gets jealous when Belle is around other robots.

Bolt is much the opposite. Incredibly cynical and dour, he has extremely little faith in his master and frequently advises the player that Belle's plans have a tendency of "falling apart."


  • Walker's Aid: Exile players first meet Belle when as part of this quest, in which they come to her aid to foil a Dominion sabotage attempt in the Relic Room of The Gambler's Ruin. You must speak to her upon arrival to complete this quest.
  • Relic Raid: Once you have arrived in the Relic Room and spoken to Belle, she will inform you of the bombs located in the room which she needs you to disarm, beginning this quest.