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Bloodpetals are a variety of plant life found on Nexus that comes by its name honestly - with red petals that appear to be covered in fresh human blood when exposed to direct sunlight. The plant's origins are unknown, but it can be found on many locations on the Eldan planet.

It's the plant,
The plant that rechrages your blood.
Now have some, it's good...
That tasty bloodpetal,
It's the bloom,
It's the bloom that will give you zoom.
Not make you go boom...
Because that last part is just slander against
It's the bush,
That give you a push,
When you're in a rush...

Jingle for Protostar's Bloodpetal Rejuvenating Elixir and Hair Wax


Scan results indicate the bloodpetal plant gives off spores with a moderate, arguably beneficial effect to most organic nervous systems. Analysis of these spores indicate they will heighten adrenal responses for a limited time.