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Broadcast Ready
Location: The Destiny
Part of: Public Relations
1 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 20 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
UI srcr elctrcshck.png [Shield of Fealty]
Quest Progression
Previous: Knowledge is Everywhere
Next: Advanced Combat Training

Broadcast Ready is a Dominion quest. It is obtained on The Destiny by speaking with Artemis Zin in the Imperial Museum.


Artemis Zin is preparing to make an announcement that she's discovered the location of the mythical Elder Cube on the surface of Nexus. Unfortunately. her producer is late following an incident in Mondo Zax's lab. Help Artemis by activating her broadcast stations and chatting up her loyal fans in the Imperial Museum.


  • 0% Speak with Artemis Zin Groupies in the Imperial Museum (4)
  • Find Cambot D-0c in the Imperial Museum
  • Find Cambot AR-2ms in the Imperial Museum
  • Find Cambot Z-1n in the Imperial Museum
  • Report to Emperor Myrcalus via your Datachron

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Episode progression

  1. Ever Vigilant
  2. The Imperial Museum
  3. Knowledge is Everywhere
  4. Broadcast Ready