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Buck Wanderbeck
Buck Wanderbeck
Gender Male
Species Human
Character class Spellslinger
Path Explorer
Affiliation Explorer's Union
Occupation Freelance Explorer
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Companion(s) Liara (co-worker), Sarge (co-worker)

Had to go and touch it...

--Buck Wanderbeck

Buck Wanderbeck is an Exile Explorer, best known for his appearance in the official Blur trailer alongside his then co-workers, Liara and Sarge. Rash, adventurous, and too curious for everyone's good, Buck will oftentimes unearth much more than anyone can ever hope to handle.

He is a freelance Explorer, taking on whatever jobs will help pay his bills. A copy of his work, "Threat Assessment: Flamewalker Pell" can be found in Farside.

Physical Description

Buck is a fit adult male, with Caucasian skin, caramel eyes, and brown hair. He also has a light red blush on his cheeks, and light grey stubble.

As befitting a spellslinging explorer, he has worn brown duster with numerous bullets strapped to it. (What they are for is a mystery, as mag-pistols have infinite ammo.) Underneath it he wears a light, loose shirt. He wears rugged green pants, and padded, reinforced boots with soles made for climbing. He also has gloves, with a cloth base and leather-and-bolt padding around the wrists.

He has a necklace, made out of braided string, teeth, and a medallion. His belt features the shape of the WildStar logo. A belt-bandolier is slung on his left shoulder. He has one shoulder-guard, made of a brass-like metal, with yellow glowing insets, and tabs on the edges. Buck also has another reserve of bullets strapped to his left thigh.

As with most explorers, he has a tube containing maps slung on his back, and some rope around his right shoulder.

Personality Profile

Buck is reckless, curious, and thinks very highly of himself. The last he frequently broadcasts to the world, very loudly, so much that his co-workers learn to ignore most everything he says to make working with him possible and tolerable.

Growing up in the Fringe for all of his life, he has learned to shoot first, ask questions later. He will not hesitate to reach for his gun once someone stirs up trouble, either aiming a weapon at him or mentioning something that upsets him dearly like the Dominion. He has grown accustomed to the life of mystery danger around every corner, which is why Nexus is such a godsend to him.

He does not like being reminded of the trouble he stirs up, as shown by his dejected "Shut up and kill something." when he gets his team stuck between a swarm of probes and a stemdragon. Fortunately, he is a very capable fighter, with a quick trigger finger, acrobatic, and has a great control over his magic.



Buck does not think very highly of Liara's belief in the Weave, and in turn, she does not think too highly of him. Thanks to his over-confident attitude, the Aurin has learned to tune out most of what he says.


Buck is fond of ragging on Sarge, such as deliberately ramming his hover bike into Sarge's crate of weapons. The professional relationship may be working, but neither seem to intent on hanging out after work.