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Bugs! Bugs Everywhere! is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Ellevar.

Lore entry


They're huge, they are. Big as dagun and ten times as mean, bloody armored all over like miniature tanks. And they're in me kitchen, me cupboards, and me drawers! I don't like 'em, no sir I do NOT, and I WILL be complaining to the appropriate authorities, don't you think I won't.

[An unintelligible second speaker's voice interjects.]

Well of COURSE the authorities are gonna do somethin' about it then aren't they? Giant bugs with armor and little tech-y bits crawling all over everything and everybody, why wouldn't they? The Dominion protects all her citizens, Marjorie, and don't you forget it! I'd hate to have to report me own wife for disloyalty.

[Another interjection, louder and angrier but no more intelligible, is interjected by speaker number two.]

IT WERE A JOKE THEN, weren't it? Crikey! Now let me record this warnin', because the gods help them what help themselves. I know what i said! But no need to get eaten by giant bugs awaitin' the rescue due to all loyal Dominion citizens!

[Marjorie interjects incomprehensibly.]

Of course they're all bugs! This planet is a strange and wondrous place, don'tcha know, and that means really big bugs. Fish-men? I didn't see any fish-men. Those weren't sentrybots o' some kind? Well, strike me down. More'n meets the eye, here. All right, then. New warning! Listen up, whoever you are. BUGS ARE EVERYWHERE! And they're really dangerous, really. Marjorie and me - all right, just me, Marjorie says she doesn't give an eeklu wink about what happens to you lot, which doesn't strike me as all that friendly, but Marjorie, well, she's opinionated. Where was I? Right! BUGS EVERYWHERE! But also, FISH-MEN! And they do appear to be in league, so they are.

[Marjorie interjects again, quite loudly, although the datachron cannot discern her individual words.]

I'll finish when I'm good and ready! We've got to leave a warning for the - oh. Well, that's that then. Hullo, fish-men. Say, you wouldn't be friendly by any chance, would you?

[The crackle of energy weapons is followed by a pair of heavy thumps and the clacking of insectoid feet before the recording shuts off.]


This journal can be found in Copperworth General Store in Copperworth Village at (-1792.63 -3821.75).