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Buzzbings are large, flying insects found mostly in verdant regions of Nexus like Galeras. The dominant feature of the buzzbing is its large, striped body ending in a deadly stinger. Its back legs also terminate in secondary stingers, which it uses to stab at would be honey thieves.

Buzzbings are particularly fond of the Whimwood forests, where they harvest pollen from the large, white blossoms to produce their famous honey. Buzzbings are known for this delicious and nutritious honey, which not only provides sustenance for hungry Nexus settlers but also provides the buzzbing with a tactical weapon. Buzzbing honey is notoriously sticky and can literally stop an armored vehicle in its tracks. Though the buzzbing feed on pollen from nearby plants, they can be aggressive and territorial, frequently attacking careless travelers who wander too close to their hives.

SPECIAL ATTACK: Buzzbings may trap enemies by flinging honey at them. The viscous substance is so thick there have been reports of hapless travelers who have drowned in the sticky substance after being trapped.

ARCHIVE FUN FACT! Buzzbing honey is highly coveted amongst settlers on Nexus, as it fulfills many of the requirements for a nutritionally balanced diet--a small consolation for those who have died a sticky death trapped in the golden goop.[1]

Galactic Archives

Buzzbings are flying, Granok--sized colonial insects that dwell in enormous hives inhabited by anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred individuals. Buzzbings are highly specialized creatures that fill may roles within the hive, such as worker drones that harvest pollen for honey, queens (usually only one per hive) that make that honey, and many other varieties dedicated to combat and defense of the hive. All types of buzzbings posses stingers on the ends of the abdomens that can fill a human body with venom in a single strike - or even impale their victims with no need for poison at all.


Buzzbing honey is a highly prized commodity both on and off Nexus, and has been a popular export ever since corporations like Protostar arrived on the planet. Protstar marketing claims the honey is "packed with primal deliciousness!" - and that claim may not be entirely unfounded. Many believe that buzzbing honey is infused with the primal force of life. Those who consume it regularly claim buzzbing honey extends a natural lifespan, restores vigor and vitality, and generally inoculates against a wide variety of ailments. Some evidence does exist to support these claims.

Buzzbing honey can also be a hazard to machinery and vehicles, especially when a hive has had a successful harvest and is overflowing with the sticky substance. Even a full-sized battle tank can become unavoidably stuck in buzzbing honey if the driver is not careful.

Buzzbing aggression in Galeras

Scans of buzzbing tissue samples indicate a recent increase in mutation rates. Though the source of these changes is not clear, the mutations appear to have triggered both increasingly aggressive behavior and major uptick in honey productions in Galeras. If the cause is natural, the mutation means buzzbing honey will only become more profitable dues to the dangers of collecting it - if the causes are artificial, however, it means someone may be trying to turn the buzzbings against Exile settlers.


Scanbot has to wonder if user saw the size of those buzzbings! Because scanbot is not what humans would call a "fan" of gigantic singing insects. An "observer," yes. An "analyzer," perhaps. A "fan," absolutely not. This does not mean that scanbot will not perform as ordered in and around buzzbing hives, merely that this will add to the growing list of grievances for which user will be blamed, and perhaps someday, punished.

Weaponized buzzbings

On both sides of the ongoing war between the Dominion and the Exiles are scientists willing to exploit the flora and fauna of Nexus against the other side. Although the ethics of such behavior are questionable, Exile alchemists and Dominion geneticists alike have focused much of this work on the buzzbings as the oversized colonial insectoids have extremely simple primal patterns which are easy to manipulate. Buzzbings also have an instinctive tendency toward aggression, they ability to fly long distances, and possess venomous stingers that are deadly bio-weapons in their own right.

Bees! Mondo hates bees. Must assume everyone hates bees. So everyone hate GIANT bees even more! Must capture buzzbings and break down primal pattern. Find out how to make buzzbings hate Mondo as much as Mondo hates buzzbings.

Wait! No! Make buzzbings hate everyone BUT Mondo! Yes! That's science! Science with BEES!

--From the Unauthorized Collected Notes of Mondo Zax, Vol.3