CACHE: Protostar Holdings Backlog

CACHE: Protostar Holdings Backlog
Location: Auroria
Path: Settler
Type: Cache Settler Scout.png
Path XP: 25 XP

CACHE: Protostar Holdings Backlog is a settler cache mission in Auroria.


Use a Lock-Bot on Settler Supply Capsules

Protostar is supposed to be supporting Settlement Authority efforts in the area. They are grossly behind schedule. "Facilitate" the logistics pipeline.


  • Cubig Farms behind the eastern building at (-1811.60 -2192.56)
  • Mozyk Quarry southeast of Doodad at (-1452.25 -1680.78)
  • Hivestrike Grove just up the hill from Mondo Zax at (-955.61 -2406.10)
  • Protostar Honeyworks next to a honey silo at (-928.96 -2210.20)
  • Protostar Honeyworks next to a honey silo at the end of the southeastern road at (-1019.39 -1988.99)


Good work getting the accounts with Protostar settled.

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