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30 sec cooldown
Range 10.5 m
Requires lvl 20
Break free from all CC's, restore 91 shield, and Pacify 10 foes for 5s. Reduces your Threat against affected foes by 25%.

Pacify: Reduces Damage Dealt to the pacifier by 25%. NPCs ignore the pacifier if in combat with other foes.
Tier Upgrade:
+0.13s Pacify duration, +2 shield

Tier 4 Major Upgrade:
Restores 11 health every 1s for 5s.
Tier 8 Major Upgrade:
Gain Defense for 5s. Defense: Increases Deflect chance by 11%.

Calm is a Medic utility ability available at level 20.


  • Patch 12/09/2015 (9 Dec 2015): Calm now procs the Rune Set: Quickening.
  • The Protogames Initiative (3 Feb 2015): Now has a 25% Threat Reduction on base.
    Tier 4 now restores 12.27% Assault and Support Power health every second for 5 seconds.
    Tier 8 now grants 11% Deflect for 5 seconds.
  • Strain (1 July 2014): The Tier 4 Bonus now restores 12.27% Assault and Support Power shield, rather than just 24.54% Support Power.

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