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Lore Entry

[This journal comprises the last words of Captain Phillip Aurelius. They are noble and courageous, just as he was.]

  • Recon Patrol 3.1
  • 2300 Hours

Captain Phillip Aurelius recording. Engagement with the Exile invaders is no longer a matter of "if" but of "when". Whitevale is not big enough, to use a colloquialism, for the both of us. Only one faction will be in charge of this region eventually, and the traitors seem to be champing at the bloody bit.

  • Recon Patrol 3.2
  • 2350 Hours

Captain Phillip Aurelius recording. Engagement did not go well, I'm afraid. Not that I intended to take on half the Exile Free Companies with my service weapon and the off bits of string from my pockets. Sustained minor injuries. I think. Might be bleeding internally. Datachron took a shot so can't scan to be sure.

Yes, there was... definetly interna - internal bleeding. By the Scions, this hurts.


This journal can be found on a snow bank a few feet from Captain Phillip's dead body (2450, -298)