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The Character window is a user interface window where players can view and equip gear, assign titles and view mounts and reputation. It can be accessed by pressing the "P" button. The window is split in half. The left section is where gear can be equipped or viewed and costumes sets can be selected. It also lists the character's current Max Health, Max Shield, Assault Power, Support Power, and Armor. The right section changes depending on which of the four tabs are selected. They are: Stats, Titles, Reputation, and Mounts.


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The Stats tab is broken down by general, offensive, defensive, shield, utility, and PvP stats. Each window shows the player's current stats for each.

General stats are: Health, Shield, Assault Power, Support Power, and Item Level.

Offensive stats are: Strikethrough, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Severity, Multi-Hit Chance, Multi-Hit Severity, Vigor, and Armor Pierce.

Defensive stats are: Physical Mitigation, Technology Mitigation, Magic Mitigation, Glance Mitigation, Glance Chance, Critical Mitigation, Deflect Chance, and Deflect Critical Hit Chance.

Shield stats are: Shield Mitigation, Shield Regen Rate, Shield Reboot Time, and Shield Tick Time.

Utility stats are: Cooldown Reduction, CC Duration, Lifesteal, Focus Recovery Rate, Focus Cost Reduction, Reflect Chance, Reflect Damage, and Intensity.

PvP stats are: PvP Power, PvP Healing, and PvP Defense.

Set Bonuses

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The Set Bonuses tab shows the Set Bonuses from Set Runes.


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The Titles tab shows the player's current level, class, path, faction and race. Under that, a dropdown controls what title is displayed next to a player's name. These are divided up between general titles and quest titles. Under that, is a dropdown for nameplate affiliation. This allows a player to display the name of a circle or guild under their name. Finally, the guild holomark visibility is controlled at the bottom. The options are to display the holomark near or far and the marks can be toggled on the left, right, or back of a character.


Main article: Costume

The Costumes tab allows players to change their character's costume sets, unlock more costume slots, and access the Holo-Wardrobe.


Main article: Entitlement

The Entitlements tab shows the character and account entitlements available. The entitlements listed depend on the account's status and unlocks.


Main article: Reputation

The Reputation tab shows the player's current status with all discovered reputation groups. These are divided up by the Faction and then settlements with a separate section for unaligned groups.

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