Charged Shot

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Charged Shot
Charged Shot
2.4 sec charge
10 sec cooldown
Range 35.0 m
Requires lvl 2
Deal magic damage to 5 foes.

C1: 13 dmg, 2.00s cd
C2: 16 dmg, 3.00s cd
C3: 32 dmg, 5.00s cd
C4: 65 dmg, 10.0s cd

Spell Surge: Reach full charge in 1.40s.
Tier Upgrade:
C1: +0 damage
C2: +0 damage
C3: +0 damage
C4: +0 damage

Tier 4 Major Upgrade:
Expands telegraph width by 1m and can now be cast while moving.
Tier 8 Major Upgrade:
C4: +4 Spell Surge damage.

Charged Shot is a Spellslinger assault ability available at level 2.