Chromatic Magnificence (Dominion)

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Chromatic Magnificence
Location: Illium
Part of: Tradeskills tasks
Level: 17 (14)
1 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 24 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
UI Item Chest.png [Protostar Promotional Collection]
Disambig.png This article is about the Dominion quest. For the Exile quest, see Chromatic Magnificence (Exile).

Chromatic Magnificence is a tradeskill quest. It is obtained in Illium by entering the city for the first time upon reaching level 14.


Protostar Chromatics Promoter has an amazing offer for you! Simply recover the Damaged Protostar Dye Collection from Battered Protostar Dye Crate, salvage it to obtain Plurbinum Dye, and turn that in to Protostar Dye Specialist to receive your complimentary sample of Protostar's state-of-the-art chromatic enhancement system! Visit Protostar's representatives in Illium for further details.


More info

What is chromatic enhancement?
Protostar's innovative chromatic pigments put you in control of the colors of your life! It's a snap to modify your armor's color palette with our new system.

Do you mean dye?
Protostar-brand chromatic enhancement goes beyond conventional dyes, allowing you to create magnificent color combinations on a single item.

Explain how.
Old-fashioned dyes just glop all over your armor... messy and frustrating! Protostar chromatics apply cleanly to selected areas, allowing unprecedented stylistic control.

How do I get these pigments?
Simply salvage any blind-boxed chromatic collection to get a manual instructing you on how to dial in a new color, then visit our Dye Specialist to apply it.

So I need a manual?
Manuals teach you our custom code for each dye. Once you learn the code, you can visit our Dye specialist to use it again and again.