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A class is a professional classification of a player character and determines what abilities, weapons and armor a character has access to.

Summary of classes

Engineer.png Engineer

Roles: Ranged DPS, Tank
The Engineer is a class that can provide sustained damage or can become a beefy tank. They carry a huge gun, wear heavy armor, and use bots to help them in battle. Engineers are mid to long range, but can stand toe-to-toe if needed.

Esper.png Esper

Roles: DPS, Healer

Medic.png Medic

Roles: DPS, Healer

Spellslinger.png Spellslinger

Roles: DPS, Healer

Stalker.png Stalker

Roles: DPS, Tank

Warrior.png Warrior

Roles: Melee Assault, Tank
Depending on the Action Set, the warrior can be played as a straight-up tank, DPS, or a hybrid. They have a complex relationships between resource management, split-second timing, and evasive-offensive combos to balance. They can hold their own against AOE and the more foes they take on simultaneously, the more powerful they get. Warriors also have a variety of crowd control abilities at their disposal.


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