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Cloning is relatively simple galactic technology, although its use is frowned upon in most cultures. Accelerated growth systems and matter displacement fields allow clones to reach adulthood almost immediately, although intelligence does not always duplicate perfectly. Mind repair can always be applied later - typically through bio-tech solutions or rapid education programs. The Eldan used advanced cloning techniques in their work on Nexus, and many of these facilities still function. Most famously, the Protostar Corporation consists entirely of clones of Protostar CEO Phineas T. Rotostar, all of whom are "programmed" with personality templates that make them perfectly suited to their jobs.

Dangers of Cloning

In addition to the ethical quandaries that can invariably arise from cloning, there are many dangers unique to the processes used by both Protostar and the Eldan - the two groups most associated with the technology. Protostar frequently re-clones new clones from existing clones that are nearing their expiration dates. These re-clones tend to be slightly less capable, efficient, and profitable than their predecessors, so they generally receive an additional dose of the Protostar Difference to compensate. Re-cloning can cause more than reduced brain capacity, "clone shakes," and sudden homicidal mania. In some cases, Protostar re-clones have been known to violently explode.

Cloning and Contagion

Mordesh must take special care to avoid cloning technology, as each of them carry the potent Contagion within their blood. The potential for random mutation in the cloning process means a new version of the Contagion could emerge with the clone, who would not necessarily have the Vitalus Serum ready to keep the horrific desease in check. Even if the Contagion did not mutate, the new clone would likely turn ravenous within a standard hour of their creation.