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Clues in the Ice
Location: World Story (Arcterra)
Part of: Ice in the Blood
Level: 50
Start: The Caretaker
End: The Caretaker
75000 XP
1 UI CRB Coin Gold.png 90 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 11 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
100 Arcterra Reputation
[Pure Soulfrost] x5
Quest Progression
Previous: Forging Ahead

Clues in the Ice is a quest. It is obtained in Arcterra by speaking with The Caretaker in Shiverskull Tower.


The Thought Forge has indicated a location within Arcterra as an area of potential interest. The Caretaker has asked you to investigate the area and collect any clues you may find along the way. Once any data has been compiled, return to the Caretaker at Shiverskull Tower for further instruction.


  • Locate the Tower-Engineer's Grotto

More info

Is there any data on this location?
None, though scans of the area reveal a cave complex buried beneath the ice.

What sorts of things should I look for?
The Tower-Engineer appears to have been a Pell. The Pell of old were known to record data in many different mediums. Holo-scrolls were one such format.

Can you remind me why I'm here?
My patience is expansive, but not infinite. Suffice it to say, I seek to illuminate Arcterra's mysteries, as well as the purpose of this rather large and imposing tower.

Episode progression

  1. Venture into Arcterra! (Optional)
  2. Forging Ahead
  3. Clues in the Ice

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