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The Collectibles window provides access to mounts and vanity pets. The window can be accessed by clicking on the horseshoe (U) icon in the toolbar.


In the Collectibles Mounts window, players can view unlocked and unknown mounts and apply mount flair to the front, rear, and side of their mount. Flair is specifically designed for either ground mounts or hoverboards. To customize a mount, select the desired mount from the left, then select the desired flair options from the right. Unlocked side flair can be applied to either or both sides. Some mounts, like Hoverboard.png [Hoverboard (Flux)] cannot be customized.

Vanity pets

In the Collectibles Pets window, players can view unlocked and unknown vanity pets. Pets can be summoned from the Collectibles window or by placing the pet's icon on a hotbar. Only one pet can be active at a time.