Commander Durek Stonebreaker

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Durek Stonebreaker
Durek Stonebreaker
Title <Commander>
Gender Male
Species Granok
Level Superior
Health 99.0m (85.0m)
IAR 18
Group Size 40-man
Occupation Military Officer
Location Command Deck

Commander Durek Stonebreaker is the leader of the Granok forces who have joined with the Exiles in opposition to the Dominion. As a young warlord during the struggle on Gnox, he gained renown by raiding Dominion camps and proving their technology could be beaten, as he lead the Granok forces against the Dominion Legions until they were driven off Gnox in defeat. Yet instead of being hailed as a hero, young Durek and his followers were treated as traitors to the ancient Way of the Stone by the Granok chieftains for their use of Dominion technology in achieving their victory. He was branded Stonebreaker and he and his battle hardened troops were exiled forever from the Granok homeworld.

Using a Dominion spacecraft they had captured, Durek and his followers took to the stars, forming the loosely structured Free Companies, trading off-world as mercenaries. Their deep seated hatred of the Dominion never waned, and when given the opportunity to once again oppose them, they joined with the other exile races on Nexus.[1]


  • The Widow's Web: You must speak to the Commander upon arriving at the Command Deck in order to complete this task.
  • Deck Sweeper: You will receive this quest from the Commander when you speak with him again after completing the Widow's Web.