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Most MMORPGs are full of different quests, and WildStar is no different. A common issue, though, is that players will either out-level some of them (such that they no longer show up on mini-maps), or simply don’t know where to go. Along with this, it can be difficult to know which ones have been missed. In the case of Rift, for example, there are achievements for finishing every quest in a zone, but there’s no marker to explain which ones you still need. While online databases can help find the missing links, they’re a less than preferable way to handle it. WildStar really takes the cake when it comes to finding what you’re missing, which is essential for achievement farming and getting back on track if you move from PvE to PvP for a while or level up solely through PvP. This is a system that a lot of other games could learn a lot from when it comes to quality-of-life enhancements.

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There are several options for group content in WildStar. Groups can be found to complete this content by using the Content Finder which is accessible by pressing "N".