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Corrigan Doon
File:Corrigan Doon.png
Gender Male
Species Human
Level Prime
Status Alive

Corrigan Doon is the charming, roguish captain of the Phoenix, an all-purpose transport vehicle with a surprising capacity for speed. Once a lowborn Cassian citizen, Corrigan managed to escape the restrictions of Dominion society to become a well-known pilot and smuggler - with a special reputation for being able to take on the vicious Marauders of the Darkspur Nebula. With no particular affiliation with any one group , he is known as someone who gets the job done, no questions asked, as long as you have the cash. Doon has come to Nexus, like many non-affiliated fortune-seekers, to make a profit and see the wonders of the Eldan planet.

Physical description

Corrigan Doon is tall for a human, with devil-may-care good looks, and an irrepressible grin. He is aware of his sex appeal, especially to the opposite sex, and works that angle mercilessly. He is seen most often in close-fitting pilot gear, with a gun on each hip.


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