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Cosmic Points as seen in-game.

Cosmic Points Cosmic Points are an account-wide currency similar to experience points. They are redeemable for Cosmic Rewards.

Earning points

Players accumulate Cosmic Points by making purchases and redeeming product codes or C.R.E.D.D.. The amount of Cosmic players have earned is shown via the in-game store.

Players will earn rewards at specific points in each tier, and filling the gauge entirely progresses players to the next tier. Once a tier is completed, a totally new set of rewards will appear to be earned. Mousing over the reward icon will pop up a tooltip showing the next reward to be received.

Cosmic Points are earned by:

Purchase/Redemption Cosmic Point Reward
Store purchase using NCoin 2 Cosmic Points per NCoin spent
400 NCoin Bundle 200 Cosmic Points
800 NCoin Bundle 420 Cosmic Points
1600 NCoin Bundle 880 Cosmic Points
4000 NCoin Bundle 2300 Cosmic Points
8000 NCoin Bundle 4800 Cosmic Points
WildStar Standard Edition 12000 Cosmic Points
WildStar Deluxe Edition 15000 Cosmic Points
15 day Game Time Card 1800 Cosmic Points
30 day Game Time Card 3000 Cosmic Points
60 day Game Time Card 6000 Cosmic Points
C.R.E.D.D. purchase 4000 Cosmic Points
C.R.E.D.D. redemption 1000 Cosmic Points
1-month Signature Plan 3000 Cosmic Points
3-month Signature Plan 9600 Cosmic Points
6-month Signature Plan 20400 Cosmic Points
12-month Signature Plan 45600 Cosmic Points

Discontinued products

The following products purchased previous to the Free-to-Play launch will award Cosmic Points. These products are now available in the in-game store.

Purchase/Redemption Cosmic Point Reward
Deluxe Upgrade 3000 Cosmic Points
Character Rename 4000 Cosmic Points
Paid Realm Transfer 4000 Cosmic Points

Signature Plan

Once a player enrolls in a recurring Signature Plan, Cosmic Points are awarded to the player after the initial transaction is complete, and then each time the Signature Plan is renewed. For example, with a three-month plan, Cosmic Points are awarded every three months starting from the initial billing date.

3-month, 6-month, and 12-month Signature Plans will also offer a Cosmic bonus, which increases the amount of Cosmic Points earned depending on the length of the plan. The longer the plan, the greater the Bonus.

If players prefer to use the C.R.E.D.D. exchange to acquire their Signature time, redeeming C.R.E.D.D. will grant 1000 Cosmic Points. Purchasing C.R.E.D.D. will also award Cosmic Points.

Qualifying purchases

Players will receive Cosmic Points for all WildStar product purchases as long as they're applied to the player's account. Any money spent on WildStar, including on a past or present subscription, awards Cosmic Points.

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