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The Crowe Gang is a cutthroat band of mercenaries, bandits and highwaymen. Known for preying upon the miners and frontiersmen who have settled in Algoroc, the Crowe Gang has long been wanted by the Exile Judges--but capturing them has been difficult, as they are well acquainted with the many caves and hidden passes located throughout the territory.

The Crowe recently bought themselves protection from the Exile Judges by allying themselves with the Darkspur Cartel. Without fear of legal retribution, the Crowes have taken over an old mining town to north of Gallow, setting up a profitable bootlegging operation brewing slush--a potent hooch outlawed by most Exile communities. Using their new criminal connections, the Crowes have been running slush all over Algoroc--selling it to the miners and townsfolk who find themselves oppressed by the Darkspur Cartel.

The Crowes are worried about the imminent arrival of Judge Kain and his Justices--but their bootlegging operation is making them stinking rich, and they will do anything in their power to make sure that the good times don't come to an end...

ARCHIVE FUN FACT! Slush is a potent beverage. Along with being a well-known intoxicant, it is has also been used for window cleaning, paint removal, and rocket fuel.[1]

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