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Cryo Crisis
Location: The Gambler's Ruin
Part of: A Rude Awakening
Level: 1 (1)
Start: Deadeye Brightland
End: Victor Lazarin
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Quest Progression
Next: Medbay Mayhem

Cryo Crisis is an Exile quest. It is obtained The Gambler's Ruin by speaking with Deadeye Brightland in the Cryogenics Bay.


You've been awakened by Deadeye Brightland in the Cryogenics Bay of the Gambler's Ruin. Brightland has asked for your help in finding and reviving his wife, Sadie, before she falls victim to the arkship's failing power system.


  • Follow Deadeye Brightland in the Cryogenics Bay
  • Activate the Main Power Generator Console in the Cryogenics Bay
  • Activate the Cryo Controls to free Sadie Brightland from her Cryo Controls in the Cryogenics Bay
  • Ride the tram to the Medbay

More info

Your wife?
Her name's Sadie, and she's... she's pregnant. If we don't find her cryopod soon, she'll be done for.

What happened here?
The Cryogenics Bay's gone to hell, and everythin' else is shut down. Some backup generators are runnin', but it ain't enough to keep the pods powered up.

Where's everyone else?
Either stuck in cryopods, down with the cryosickness, or dead. I been lookin' for someone to help me get the generator runnin', which is how I found you.

Cryosickness? What's that?
Cryosickness is a death sentence if it ain't treated quick-like. That's why we gotta find Sadie... now!

Episode progression

  1. Cryo Crisis
  2. Medbay Mayhem
  3. Have a Drink on Me
  4. A Little Friendly Carousal