WildStar Wiki

There are several types of currencies used in WildStar. A player's currency can be viewed in the lower right corner of the game window next to the inventory.

Standard currency

  • UI CRB Coin Copper.png Copper
  • UI CRB Coin Silver.png Silver - 1 UI CRB Coin Silver.png = 100 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
  • UI CRB Coin Gold.png Gold - 1 UI CRB Coin Gold.png = 100 UI CRB Coin Silver.png
  • UI CRB Coin Platinum.png Platinum - 1 UI CRB Coin Platinum.png = 100 UI CRB Coin Gold.png

Non-standard currency

  • UI CRB Coin Reknown.png Renown - Earned through social activities such as grouping or mentoring.
  • UI CRB Coin ElderGems.png Elder Gems - Acquired using Elder Points earned at level cap. 75,000 Elder Points = 1 Elder Gem
  • UI CRB Coin Raid.png Glory - Earned by completing objectives in Veteran Dungeons and Raids.
  • UI CRB Coin Prestige.png Prestige - Earned by defeating enemy players and completing PVP objectives.
  • UI CRB Coin TradeskillVoucher.png Crafting Vouchers - Rewarded by tradeskill work orders, spent on tradeskill talent respecs, mid-game crafting schematic purchases, crafting materials, elder game crafting schematics, elder game crafting materials.
  • UI CRB Coin Influence.png Influence - Earned by a guild by grouping together.
  • UI CRB Coin OmniBit.png OmniBits - Earned from normal world loot drops, and they are spent in the in-game Store.
  • UI CRB Coin ServiceToken.png Service Token - Sold in the in-game Store. Use them with services such as Wake Here, Holo-Wardrobe and Rune Modifications.
  • UI CRB Coin Fortune.png Fortune Coins - Spend the Fortune Coins in Madame Fay's Fortunes. More can be purchased from the in-game Store.
  • Link=Cosmic Points Cosmic Points - Earned by spending money on WildStar and in the WildStar Shop. Used in the Cosmic Rewards system.
  • Protobucks - Purchased from the WildStar Shop and used in the in-game Store.
  • Character Boost Tokens - Create a new level 50 character. (Not Yet Implemented)