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DATACUBE ENTRY: Forbidden Knowledge is a datacube Zone Lore entry found in Wilderrun.

Lore entry

The Archon has asked me to complete a comprehensive analysis of the OS-1's, err, Osun's cultural development in this region, and I am both impressed and concerned about what I have found. There are a number of technological advancements that they have recently achieved without our knowledge or guidance, and rumors abound that they have discovered the secret of forging exanite. My recommendation was complete and total annihilation of the species based on these facts, but it seems the Archon wants to take a more measured, and ultimately short-sighted, approach to the problem.
~ Nazrek: Order of the Progenitors


This datacube can be found in Kel Ulgar along one of the southern forges at (3394.21 -3905.94).