DATACUBE ENTRY: Nexus Project (Dominion)

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Disambig.png This article is about the Dominion entry. For the Exile entry, see DATACUBE ENTRY: Nexus Project (Exile).

DATACUBE ENTRY: Nexus Project is a datacube Zone Lore entry found in The Destiny.

Lore Entry

The Nexus Project. Without question, this is the most significant scientific endeavor in galactic history, representing the penultimate achievement of the Eldan intellect. If indeed we reach our final goal, then the fate of our people, even that of the universe itself, will be irrevocably changed. The data generated by the Project will be vast and invaluable, and it is within the Elder Cube that all of our secrets here on Nexus will be contained.
~ Jariel: The Archon


This datacube can be found in The Imperial Museum at ().