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Dagun are a wild, carnivorous canine species found on the planet Nexus. On average these lupine creatures may mass nearly as much as a human, but employ pack-hunting tactics and innate ferocity to challenge much larger creatures. Nearly as adaptable as humans themselves, dagun can be found in nearly every ecosystem on the planet - and they're often considered a threat to livestock and travelers in rural and wilderness areas.


Domesticated Dagun

Members of the dagun species are sometimes domesticated by those tough enough to tame them, such as marauders and slavers. They are not generally kept as family pets, but are instead trained to be vicious attack animals.

Physical Descriptions

Dagun resemble rangy wolfhounds, with long snouts, sharp teeth, and scowling eyes. They outweigh the average Aurin, and some varieties are even as big as humans. They walk on four long legs and have long, shaggy tails. Most have dark-colored fur, though some local varieties have evolved more distinctive coloring.


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