Daily Data Ration

Daily Data Ration
UI Item Chest.png
Salvageable Container
Bind on pickup
Contains Eldan data fragments

Right-click to salvage

Daily Data Ration is a salvageable container which contains an


Daily Data Ration can be obtained as a quest reward:

  • Dominion.png Dead Man's Vest / Exiles.png Dead Man's Vest
  • Dominion.png Krogg Kuisine / Exiles.png Krogg Kuisine
  • Dominion.png Loppstitch Made Easy / Exiles.png Loppstitch Made Easy
  • Dominion.png Pellskinner Blues / Exiles.png Pellskinner Blues
  • Dominion.png Style Eye for the Clone Guy / Exiles.png Style Eye for the Clone Guy
  • Dominion.png Techno Toys / Exiles.png Techno Toys
  • Dominion.png Torine Tools / Exiles.png Torine Tools
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