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The Darkspur Cartel is a powerful and well-organized crime syndicate feared throughout the galaxy. Hailing from the dangerous reaches of the Darkspur Nebula, the Cartel uses intimidation, extortion, and violence to expand its criminal empire--and most recently on planet Nexus. Seeing almost limitless opportunity on the planet's lawless frontier, the Cartel's influence has spread to many developing Dominion and Exile communities--causing alarm among the leaders of both factions.

The Cartel is led primarily by the Krogg--a hulking humanoid race armored with thick, scaly skin and sharp bony protrusions. Considered the criminal vermin of galactic society, the Krogg are cunning and savage bruisers who rely on their predatory instincts to shake down the weak and the helpless. Beneath the Krogg, the Cartel employs thugs and criminals from many races across the galaxy, united solely by their voracious appetites for brutality, wealth and power.

The recent surge in demand for loftite crystals in Algoroc attracted the attention of the Cartel--and they sent the high level Krogg enforcer Morek Throg to the frontier town of Gallow. After publicly disposing of the town's peacekeeper, Throg has ordered his minions to seize control of local mines while terrorizing the town's inhabitants. Rumor has it that the infamous Judge Kain will soon arrive in town, but the Darkspur Cartel has plans to deal with the hardened lawman...

ARCHIVE FUN FACT! The Darkspur Cartel is also aggressive when it comes to fashion. Several of the galaxy's finest clothing districts have been reduced to rubble by inter-gang warfare over the latest thin ties, high-collared jackets, and fluorescently embellished armors.[1]

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