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Datacube Entry: Genetic Instability

Ionis: Order of the Watchers

Despite the Archon's approval, it is the opinion of the Watchers that there are inherent flaws in the design of the Luminai. The Progenitors have made it very clear that genetic flaws may arise from multi-generational breeding, perhaps leading to delusion, madness and other forms of mental instability.

Datacube Entry: Augmentation Prototype

Vorion: Order of the Makers

The subterranean creatures that exist beneath these rocks will serve a suitable test case for the most recent enhancements to augmentation technology. Currently, they are little more than mindless beasts, but this technology should be able to greatly enhance their biological limitation.

Datacube Entry: Successful Iteration

Vorion: Order of the Makers

This experiment was a success, as these creatures now display greater strength, ferocity and intelligence as a result of the augmentation. I have extracted all useful data, and will now seal the caverns that contain the affected subjects. It would be most unwise to unleash this population upon the surface.

Datacube Entry: Focused Enhancement

Aviel: Order of the Weavers

The black volcanic stone in this region is naturally infused with high levels of primal earth and life, resulting in the formation of these elemental creatures. I have decided to install a number of primal focusers in this particular location, assuming that it ill result in the creation of a larger and more destructive specimen. Perhaps I will unleash it on the maker's new augmentation facility to the east.

Datacube Entry: Unchecked Infestation

Ohmna: Order of the Progenitors

Without any true natural predators, these insects re beginning to spread rapidly throughout this region, and their massive hives serve as a magnificent example of their industriousness and social coordination. Their queens are equally impressive. I have witnessed more than one creature fall victim to their venoumous sting.