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Location Biomech Facility Alpha, Western Grimvault
End boss Avatus
Type Raid
Level 50
Player limit 20
Security key ATTUNEMENT: The Datascape Opens
Answer the Caretaker’s desperate plea to access the deepest recesses of the Nexus Project and jack into the Datascape—the virtual world where the myriad shards of the Caretaker’s fractured personality reside and have devolved into capering aspects of sadistic madness.

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The Datascape is a 20-man raid located in Western Grimvault. It contains six bosses, three challenge rooms, and sixteen mini-bosses. Avatus serves as the zone's endboss. The instance is intended to be taken on after completing the Genetic Archives.

Note that the Volatility Lattice and Limbo Infomatrix challenge rooms are itemized like bosses encounters and are typically treated as such for purposes of progression.


  • Event: Reconstructive Memory Dive


The Datascape consists of an entrance hall, (the Halls of the Infinite Mind), a central hub (The Oculus), and three branches extending out from that hub.

Each one of the three branches consists of one Elemental wing, one challenge room, and one encounter with a pair of Elemental Guardians, in that order. Two of the three branches will also contain a boss encounter (either Gloomclaw or the Maelstrom Authority) between their respective elemental wing and challenge room segments. Avatus appears on a platform within the center of The Oculus once the rest of the instance has been cleared.

The layout of every branch, along with the pairings of the Elemental Guardians, is randomized at the beginning of every week's raid lockout.


Challenge Rooms

  • Volatility Lattice
  • Limbo Infomatrix
  • Contemplations on Perspective


  • Optimized Memory Probe ED-1
  • Optimized Memory Probe TX-67
  • Optimized Memory Probe P2-Z
  • Warmonger Agratha
  • Warmonger Chuna
  • Warmonger Talarii
  • Grand Warmonger Tar'gresh
  • Frost-Boulder Avalanche (x2)
  • Frostbringer Warlock
  • Bio-Enhanced Broodmother
  • Fully-Optimized Canimid
  • Logic Guided Rockslide
  • Hyper-Accelerated Skeledroid
  • Augmented Herald of Avatus
  • Abstract Augmentation Algorithm